American Taiho-Jitsu
Our System

In American Taiho-Jitsu your training will cover all of the situations that you could encounter in today's society.
Your training will begin with basic personal defense then you will be advance into the higher levels of personal defense.
These are the five main areas of our Taiho-Jitsu system. They are taught in equal amounts from White Belt into the Black Belt ranks.

Thai Kickboxing - The best defense against a street fighter attack.

Taiho-Jujitsu - Empty Hand Suppressions, Escapes & Weapons Defense.

Short Stick - For Impacting, Suppressions & Weapons Defense.

Taiho-Judo - Advanced Judo, Take The Big Ones Down.

Rope Tying - For Long Term Suppressions.

Optional: - Brown Belts and above.

   Taiho Knife System:
        A knife system that works with the Taiho-Jitsu system.
      When you learn a knife system you will know how defend yourself
      against a knife/edged weapon attack.

   Taiho Firearms Training:
     The latest in "Law Enforcement" firearms training.
      All of our instructors are F.B.I., NRA and state certified.

-There are no Forms-