Law Enforcement Systems
All Formats & Systems copyright Mr C Kenpo Inc. & Al C .   Est 1986

                  There are no gaps in our Police Training Systems
These systems are taught in Seminars, Camps, at Special Work Shops or upon request.

1) "Blue Gloves Kickboxing" for Police/Security.
      Kickboxing that will fit the needs of all Law Enforcement                        Personnel.
2) Control Systems.
     *Suppression & Removal Control Systems.
     *Escape From An Attacker.
3) Police Weapons Defense Systems.
     *Retain Your Firearm.
     *Defend Yourself From His Firearm.
     *Protection From A Knife Attack.
     *Protection From A Blunt Weapon.
     *K-Nine Defense System. Defend yourself against attack dogs.
4) Police Baton.
     "T Block"Baton System for all Law Enforcement street situations.
5) Police Handcuff & Flex Cuffing.
      *Learn How To Use Hand Cuffs & Flex Cuffs
6) Rope Tying.
      *No handcuffs? Learn to use a rope or other similar items.
7) Firearms.
       *The latest in "law Enforcement" firearms training available.
          All instructors are F.B.I., NRA and state certified.

For the Advanced Police Instructor
1) Theories on Suspect Approach & Control by Al C.
2) State of the Art Police Self Defense by Al C.
3)Theories on Crowd & On looker Control by Al C.