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Instructors Training
Master Level training has now re-started.
Master Level Kenpo presets / forms.
Master Level weapons - knives, staff, firearms, jujitsu sticks.
Master Level theory.

School Web Site
Has been repaired. Ranking now being updated.

New Location
140 Lyman Place
Bridgewater, Ma. 02324

N.E.K.I.C.K Tournament

Black Belt Test
00/00/2018 @ 8 am sharp
Be there early enough so you can warm up.

Congratulations To our New B.B. Ranks

Black Belt Test
May 5 th @ 8 am sharp
Location - Mr C's Kenpo
Be early so that you can warm up properly.

Black Belt Test

School Closed
Our school will be closed the day after the 4th.

Nekick Seminar
06/ 10/2012 @ at 10 am till 12 noon.
At the Dedham Park and Rec. Center.
Brian Dentons Kenpo
369 Common St., Dedham , Ma.

New Black Belts and Black Belt Promoted - 4/22/2012
This was an "Old School" style test - earned not given

Black Belt Test
4/22/2012 @ 8am.
At Mr C's Kenpo

Nekick Tournament
This years Spring Nekick tournament was a great success.
I wish to thank all who helped with and those who competed at the event.
There were alot of happy young faces walking around carrying their trophies.

Up Coming Events
Seminar - October 3, 2010 @ 10 am.
Fall Black Belt Test - October 17, 2010.
Check the Nekick events page for the complete info

Events 2009 - 2010
Tournament Byes Set Up - 11/01/2009, Mr C's School
Tournament Judges Training - 11/14/2009, GM Ells School
Nekick Tournament - 11/22/2009, E.Bridgewater High School
School XMas Party - At Prof Kravitz Residence
Nekick Post Holiday Party - 1/09/2010
GM Weyants Seminar - 1/17/ 2010
Prof. Dentons Seminar - 3/21/2010, Dedham Rec. Center

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