Mr C Kenpo Inc.
Copyrighted material.

The listed systems have been developed by Alan J Cunningham, pen name Al C.
These systems and their formats are for use by Alan Cunningham and
Mr C Kenpo Inc and all the corporate divisions of Mr C Kenpo Inc.
These systems are written in a book called,
American Taiho-Jitsu
A Law Enforcement Martial Arts System by Al C.
Martial Arts Theories by Al C.
Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu Tactile Theories by Al C.

All system names, formats books and related printed material are properties of
Alan J Cunningham.
Written Permission is required from  Alan J Cunningham for "Any" authorized

All Systems listed below are Divisions of Mr C Kenpo Inc.

AmeriThai Kickboxing by Al C

Kenpo Karate / T-Jitsu - by Al C.

Cunningham's Kenpo Karate Association

Below are names of Systems developed / owned by
Al Cunningham

"T Block" Baton System

X Lock Baton Jujitsu System

"Blue Gloves Kickboxing" for Police

Slash & Stick Knife System

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