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Updated: 4/28/2018

Cunningham's Kenpo Karate Association

Kenpo Karate / T-Jitsu Invitational Camp:
Date: 00/00/2018
Time:  10am
Location:  Mr C's Kenpo - Bridgewater
Link To The Camp Page:
Instructors: All  B.B. Staff.
Cost: Call for info.

Invitational Seminars / Camps:
Date: 04.00.2018. Note - No Belt or Ranking To Be Worn.
Time: 10:am sharp
Location: Mr C's Kenpo, Bridgewater Ma.
Subject: Senior Instructor Training. Theory - (advanced).
Instructors: B.B. Staff.
Cost: Call for info.

Tournament and Demo. Team Training.
Date: 00/00/2018
Time: T.B.A.
Location: Mr C's Kenpo
Subject: Tournament & Rank Test Training.
Instructors: All G.M.'s

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