140Lyman Street
Bridgewater Ma. USA
Cunningham's Kenpo Karate Association
Kenpo Karate / T-Jitsu

Founded by Alan J Cunningham
Copyright Mr C's Kenpo Inc.  Est. 1976
Kenpo Karate/T-Jitsu
The System

Kenpo Karate is based on the use of hand techniques combined with fast foot work.
Kicks are used to support hand techniques.
This stand up fighting covers 50% of the system.

Taiho-Jitsu techniques are used to control an attacker by putting him into a submission position.
Taiho-Jitsu covers 40% of the system.

Kenpo Sticks are used for defense against a much larger attacker or one who is armed. These "Kenpo" sticks cover 10% of our system.

Kenpo Karate/T-Jitsu fits our current times and the geographical area that it is taught in.

This is Not a "Sport Karate" system.
In Sport Karate, the Instructors and Students have fun by playing karate.
Personal Defense

  Street Effective

A System That Is
Effective For All

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