* Started his martial arts training in 1965.

*Black Belt Ranks In:
   Keno Karate/T-Jujitsu,
  *His Kenpo rank has been recognized & endorsed by many "Kenpo" Masters & Grandmaster's.
   Taiho-Jitsu & Judo.
   Master Trainer - Ameri-Thai Kickboxing.

*Rank Recognized by the Northern Shaolin Temple.
   -Sponsored by many Chinese Masters and Grandmaster's,
   -Rank recognition certificate was personally signed by the Temples Senior Monk,
   - Awarded to Al C. free of charge.

*Memberships and Leadership Positions in:
  - Hawaii Martial Arts International Society - Former V.P.
  - North American GM Council - Admin. President
  - North East Instr's / Combat Kempo/Kenpo, - C.E.O. & Board of Directors,(Senior member).
  - East Coast Karazenpo Association - C.E.O.
  - Cunningham's Kenpo Karate Association - Founder

  - Mass. House of Rep's - Citation For Excellence In Law Enforcement Training.
  - Grandmaster of The Year "2001"- G.M. Ed Browns Hall of Fame.
  - Grandmaster of The Year "2003"- Hawaii Martial Arts Society Hall Of Fame.

* Military & Law Enforcement Info:
  - US Army Corp of Engineers 1967 - 1970, (Sergeant E-5).
  - VNam - 1969.
  - Law Enforcement:
      Retired - 11/07/2007,
      Motorcycle Officer,
      Tactical Instructor,
      Baton Instructor,
      FBI Certified Firearms Instructor,
      Cruiser Rifle Instructor,
      Machine Gun Instructor,
      Shotgun Instructor,
      Arson Investigator,
      Handcuffing Instructor,
  - Misc. Info:
      Rifle Expert - Military 300 Yard Course.
      Handgun - Distinguished Expert:
Sr.Grandmaster Alan J.Cunningham
745 lbs at age 61 - 6/02/2010